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A Small Person Writes...

Dub a do dub bid a boo dub a dub adib

Small Clanger
29 July
Not due to appear on the scene until 19 July 2003, Small Clanger actually arrived in the world ten days late, starting as he means to go on - awkward, obstinate, and contrary... He is clearly a child prodigy, able to post in utero as well as at the tender age of 1 minute, thanks to rather geeky parents. He scared the health visitor a week before his second birthday by reading the alphabet and numbers, and is now on to books - reading 'What's Inside You?' as bedtime reading is a little ghoulish for the grown-ups but he loves it. Skeleton outfits are fun, as is explaining in great detail exactly what his body is doing at any given time. Particularly during dinner.

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